Appalachian Citizens Enforcement Project

Results Summary



  • Good: 300 S/cm or less
  • Of Concern: 300 – 500 S/cm
  • Bad: Greater than 500 S/cm


  • Good: 6.0 – 9.0
  • Permit Violation: Less than 6.0 or Greater than 9.0


  • Good: Less than 500 mg/L
  • Bad: Greater than 500 mg/L
The images below are Google Map images of the sampling sites with some of the most interesting results our volunteers have found throughout eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia. Click on the images below to see the larger image, data results, and photographs of some of our most concerning sites. These particular sites are highlighted due to high conductivity readings, pH readings outside of the normal 6.0 – 9.0 range, or other problems evident through photographs.

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