Appalachian Citizens Enforcement Project


You can use the map below to browse through all the data points — click on a bubble to see the summary data, click on “full report” to see additional information such as metals data or any photographs taken of the site. For sites with multiple test dates, switch the map to “Earth” view, then click on a bubble to access data from multiple dates.

Use the fields above the map to search for data close to a specific address or zip code, or to search for results that fall within a certain parameter measurement range. For example, you can search for pH violations by specifying a pH range of 0 to 6, or 9 to 14.

There is also a map feature that allows you to see where both active and inactive mine boundaries are located. Simply click on the mine for information about mine type, mine status, the name of the company, operator, permit number, and acreage.  This is useful to determine strategic locations to test the water.

Directly below the map is a link to download all of the metals that have been tested at different sites. Simply click the link and it will automatically download as a CSV file.

The table below presents the same data as the map. This table can also be downloaded, by clicking the “Download the CSV File” link at the bottom of the table.

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