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Observation Number 3449

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Date 2012-10-26 05:31:00
Location Lee County, VA
Latitude 36.86858338601933
Longitude -82.90266036987305
Conductivity Measurement475.7 µs/cm
Conductivity Instrument TypeYSI ProPlus 1030
pH Measurement7.55
pH Instrument TypeYSI ProPlus 1030
Dissolved Solids357.50 mg/L
Temperature64.2 °F
Weather DescriptionUnknown
CommentsMedium size pond, full, but flow downstream is very low. Could not see outflow due to kudzu. Tested downstream about 1/8 mi.

Detected Metals*

Aluminum148 μg/L
Barium25.7 μg/L
Boron52.3 μg/L
Calcium122000 μg/L
Iron604 μg/L
Magnesium49900 μg/L
Manganese1390 μg/L
Nickel14.9 μg/L
Potassium13800 μg/L
Silicon4010 μg/L
Sodium149000 μg/L
Strontium1180 μg/L
Zinc24.6 μg/L
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