Mill Creek Residents Get Serious About Water Quality

Several residents of Mill Creek, Kentucky, are organizing around water quality concerns and other mining-related issues in their community. Some residents have had on-going issues with mining operations on their property for years, but when several residents’ well water became contaminated, the community came together to address the public health issue.

With the help of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, the residents are pushing the state for more solutions to the arsenic found in several of their wells. Through training in water testing, the residents are documenting water pollution problems caused by the local mining company in the surrounding areas, and gathering metal testing results with the help of Appalachian Voices.

It can be difficult to get help from the state, even when submitting documented water quality problems. In this case, we hope to see positive results through persistence and strength in numbers.

For more information, see KFTC’s blog post for a complete rundown, as well as this local news story.

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